About Kentucky Blue Grass »

Bluegrass is the most luxurious and attractive of all the sod grasses and is well suited to the climate anywhere between Pagosa Springs, Colorado to Farmington, New Mexico. Kentucky Bluegrass:

  • Is excellent for ball fields and other heavy use areas such as campgrounds, lawns, and picnic areas.
  • Forms a soft, dark green lawn that grows well in both full sun and partial shade.
  • Provides good wear recovery and excellent erosion control when well maintained.
  • Is capable of entering ‘Summer Dormancy’ during periods of intense heat and drought and return in the fall.

Kentuck Bluegrass Installation Recomendation »

  • The area to be sodded should be tilled to a depth of 4-5 inches to ensure quick establishment. The soil should be smoothed and leveled and all debris, such as rocks and roots, should be removed. Make sure to account for about 1/2” of added depth that will be added by the sod when leveling near sidewalks and curbs.
  • If the ground to be covered is particularly dry, it should be moistened before laying sod.
  • Sod should be laid as soon after cutting as possible. If short term storage is required, the sod should be kept cool and lightly moistened to prevent it from drying out.
  • All sod rolls should be butted against each other but not overlapping. Rolls can be cut to form curved edges.
  • Sod should be watered immediately after laying. Watering in the first 7-10 days is vital to quick establishment. Give your new turf just enough water to keep it from drying out.